The INOVYN Awards 2016 (“The Awards”) are intended to promote the image of vinyls as innovative, versatile, cost effective and safe materials that are used in products that make significant beneficial contributions to society.  Innovations entered into The Awards shall be judged by an independent panel of expert judges. The Awards offer entrants an opportunity to promote their vinyls related innovation.


Entrants may be material processors, additive suppliers, machine producers, end-users, specifiers, service providers, communications/media organisations, students and academic institutions, designers etc.

To ensure full impartiality, employees of INOVYN and their families may not apply.  Likewise, individuals or organisations directly associated or affiliated to judges may not apply.  Joint applications between different kinds of applicants or several applications for one applicant are accepted.


An innovation in the scope of The Awards is a product or a process that complies with the following combined criteria (the list is not exhaustive and is given for example only):

  • to have a link with vinyls (for example: additives; processing machines; composites or compounds of vinyls, logistics etc)
  • to contribute to the positive image of the vinyls industry (for example: to be a new application for vinyls; to use recycled material; to reduce waste; to improve hygiene; to preserve the environment etc)
  • to bring improvement to existing products (for example: to replace another material, at lower cost or higher performance; to improve mechanical, chemical or aesthetic characteristics of existing vinyls products; to allow  better processing or higher productivity etc)
  • it should lead to an application that exists or could readily be developed onto the market
  • it should be under development or have been available on the market from 1 January 2014.


Your entry form should preferably be completed in English and sent to us before 15 May 2016.

Do not hesitate to contact your INOVYN representative for more information or assistance.

In your entry submission you should:

  • explain how and why the innovation complies with the aforemention combined criteria
  • describe it accurately
  • attach a high definition picture (300dpi minimum)
  • send, if possible, a prototype or sample to the following address using the ID number you will receive as part of your entry:
    INOVYN Awards 2016
    INOVYN Belgium S.A.
    Rue de Ransbeek, 310
    1120 Bruxelles


All entrants authorize INOVYN to use their entry (including files and photographs) for advertising purposes or for the organisation of The Awards.  To this end, entrants guarantee that they have full powers to dispose of all the intellectual property rights related to the innovation they have entered.  Applicants will take all precautions to protect their innovation and guarantee INOVYN peaceful use of intellectual property rights related to their entry as a whole.

All entrants expressly release INOVYN from any liability and responsibility linked to their entry or the information provided in connection with the entry.


The Awards will be led by an independent panel of five expert judges.

Any decision of the judges is final.

All entrants waive any recourse against INOVYN, its employees, and the judges by reason of any decision taken by the judges.


The INOVYN Awards 2016 will recognise achievements across three categories.

The main award will be the INOVYN Award for Innovation with Vinyls.

There will be further awards recognising special achievement for Innovation in Sustainability and in Industrial Design.

The Awards will present winning entries with a total amount of €45.000 distributed as follows:

The INOVYN Award for Innovation with Vinyls:

  • the Gold Award for the value of €20.000
  • the Silver Award for the value of €10.000
  • the Bronze Award for the value of €5.000

The INOVYN Award for Innovation in Sustainability:

  • a single Award for the value of €5.000

The INOVYN Award for Innovation in Industrial Design:

  • a single Award for the value of 5.000 EUR.

The INOVYN Awards 2016 are designed to boost innovation by providing winners with support to fund research and development, marketing studies or collaboration with universities or research institutes to help bring their innovations to market.


The INOVYN Awards 2016 will culminate in an award ceremony on 20 October 2016 which is being held in Düsseldorf (Germany).


Entries will be accepted until 15 May 2016.

The panel of judges will select the finalists in September 2016.

Award Ceremony on 20 October 2016.